Kicking Ideas Around: Collect This Round's Wisdom

Are you one of the 370 people following me on Periscope? If you’re not, maybe you shouldn’t play this video. You might be shocked by how we turned a short video broadcast into a teaching session on what it means to use the creativity and curiosity of a crowd to help each other advance. It was astounding!

If you’ve joined the broadcast on Periscope as it happened, you should see it again. The perspectives shared by all those watching were pure gold.

I’m happy to be scoping from Florida, USA, and I’ll be forever in your debt if you’d point me to other Florida, USA-based Periscopers you’re following, so I could do the same and grow my following list, on which I only have 50 people so far.

Don’t forget to ask your friends to find me on Periscope by searching “BrieBeecher” (my username). I’m preparing some great resources in the following weeks, so this is the best time to tap that “follow” button to not miss one thing!

Btw how is momma dukes doing ?
Where's the model?
He is on the floor
And we're back
It's takes a while
Classic geek move
You got some apples soaking in moonshine for your Halloween party?
How's momma dukes doing ?
I shared!!!
Neighbors better?
I hearts you!
u look so pretty my love
Remember the fight with the neighbor
Hotel california?
Hotel cali?

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