Kicking Ideas Around: Collect This Round’s Wisdom

Are you one of the 378 people following me on Periscope? If you’re not, maybe you shouldn’t play this video. You might be shocked by how we turned a short video broadcast into a teaching session on what it means to use the creativity and curiosity of a crowd to help each other advance. It was astounding!

If you’ve joined the broadcast on Periscope as it happened, you should see it again. The perspectives shared by all those watching were pure gold.

I’m happy to be scoping from Florida, USA, and I’ll be forever in your debt if you’d point me to other Florida, USA-based Periscopers you’re following, so I could do the same and grow my following list, on which I only have 50 people so far.

Don’t forget to ask your friends to find me on Periscope by searching “BrieBeecher” (my username). I’m preparing some great resources in the following weeks, so this is the best time to tap that “follow” button to not miss one thing!

you must a lot of pervs
sex show pls
u have an iphone?
high traffic
ah, there's the problem
you have a perfect size
where do u work
wow open
Uplift those bobs
iphone can't handle Periscope anymore
can you move your bra
show your boobs
I would rather watch you do anything
@suat_ebik you're fuckin retarded dude
hang in it will clear up
HI from Baltimore
you hair is nice
bad things happen bad
Issue because lots 1.8k viewing live periscope
I cant believe how fast per is blowin up
Baltimore county here
not a fan of paris
I haven't heard that yet...
ok than come to morocco
60+ people dead
You are really cute
thats what happens when u let millions of muslims infiltrate
they lie too much
we will be hit soon
sadly.. so enjoy the night
west pcola?
Sometimes the USA is behind it they do find Isis
turn the music
What do you do
where do u work
you gotta get an Android phone, Periscope works better on them
How old are you
Damn to old for me lol
you work in mellitary
Hot date?
this song is boss
we got tons of military dudes here.. rarely hot girls 😉
bench? weight?
seville lol
Hot date?
u love the boomboom room lol
A lot of whores in the army?
Didn't mean it that way
Yeah u tell him
takes you forever to get ready
Where's the party?
navy wives are great
you a seal?
I wanted to know are most women straight fucking in the military lol
Where's the party?
i want to be your boyfriend
ur made if marry her
have a kid make mo $$
I'm single
angy. you seem ticked
I contribute to myself
im kidding
A lot of girls like that
You can be my dependa
i sell homes to navy people
u on that USAA?
how long have been in
90s hiphop cool
be my dependa
peace.. scope later.. i followed u
Favorite cigarette?
making my night. you rock
i would pay you to let me do your hair
Waow emınem yeahh
Smoke a cigarette
ever come to tampa. I'll buy you a drink

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