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Company overview of Srilankan airlines

There is usually a dominant modification in Airlnaka in the flights industry where as consumers are important into benefit chain. Lump sum of revenues flows from the air flow industry rendering it as the main element generator of revenues for travel operators in a nutshell period but estimating the profits happen to be battle soar in the outlying potential.

But the flights business operators along with rest of participants of ‘value-chain’ necessitate ideal branding methods along with social media and mass customization to its clients; else profits from flights services.


Srilankan airlines are an SRILANKA centered airlines. It had been launched in the year of 1979. It offers airlines services to national and international. Its main hub is placed at Bandaranaike AIRPORT TERMINAL in Colombo, considering that expedient acquaintances to its worldwide route chain of 49 intentions in 31 countries in European countries, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, ASIA, Australia and North America.

The present chairman Mr Nishantha Wickremasinghe and 5 boards of directors doing business operations. It operates 13 aircrafts as well as wide-bodied A330 and A340 aircraft and mid selection of A320’s. Its hq located in Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake, SriLanka. Having around 4,900 employees roughly working in srilanka and global vast, its include subsidiary of SriLankan Catering (Pvt) Ltd. Its flight kitchen production capability has over of 25,000 meals per an individual day, 24time and 365 days and nights a year of procedures. It had getting hence many awards, lately “Airline of the year 2008 and 2009 SriLanka presidential Travel & tourism”.

SriLankan airlines offering booking online, check in services and ticketing through website Additionally it is proving cargo offerings to its customers, applying Colombo as an hub to connected the fast growing economies of the center, south Asia with European countries, china and taiwan and southeast Asia. Srilankan cargo covering a wide network of 25 countries of 38 places in the Indian sub continent, Europe, Far East, South East Asia and Middle East. It provides handed for all 25 airlines which working through Colombo, moves 155000 metric tonnes of cargo each year.

Srilankan Holidays: Srilankan vacations, it is the vacation division of the airline, which encourages travel and leisure from and Srilanka and also all directions throughout complete network of airlines. Its companions having several top accommodations, tour machinists and different sightseeing related associations to greatly help the travellers a comprehensive collection of time off prospects with an all-encompassing theory, which consists of personalized packages. Srilankan getaways endorses travel around for musical concerts, browsing festivals, sports and former actions, and it provides premeditated agreements with a zero of regional sightseeing bodies to inspire tourism from also to a specific destinations. It earned a esteemed subject called ” Best Outbound Tour operator” at the awards of presidential for tourism and travel and leisure in the years of 2008 and in ’09 2009.

Srilankan Engineering: Srilankan Engineering, among fast flattering a provider of selection in Restoration, maintenance, Overhaul activities performed in region, and with its excellent establishments, Airbus aircraft having good expertise and knowledgeable engineering employees. It possesses the esteemed “EASA 145 qualification for aircraft repair” from Aviation safety firm of European.

Srilankan Teaching: International Aviation conservatory of Srilankan caters to airports, manpower requests of airlines, travel companies, and former airline industry institutions. Srilankan airline academy was qualified with “IATA” abbreviation “The International Airline Schooling Association”, Edexcel international, Metropolis and Guilds, ACCA(The association of Certified Chartered Accountants), Asian institute of technology, Uk institutes like chartered institute of marketing & chartered institute of operations, srilankan travel companies association, Inbound Tour operators of srilankan association. It earned the prominent title known as “Best Tourism Education & Training Effort” Tourism and travel in the year of 2008 from the president. Currently it really is making a complete flights simulator centre at International airport of Bandaranaike with partnership of holland SIM industries BV. Srilankan Aviation training Academy is certified to the “EASA 147 standard”, provides wide-range training for engineering staff and pilots, and identified by The Maldives, Pakistan aviation authorities and Srilanka.

Srilankan Cares: It’s the division of Srilankan airline production community, Srilankan cares energetically participates in charity and fund raising actions, and Srilankan Cares primarily focus on children empowerment. It features conceded out primary development projects in 3 local academic institutions in dissimilar elements of the country, providing infrastructure and structures such as libraries, computer system labs and classrooms.


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American Advertising Association describe a brand as a “sign, term, name, style or symbol, or an combination of them, designed to recognize the solutions or goods of one seller or set of sellers and to help to make a distinction between them from competitors”. Thus a company is something or service that come up with some dimensions that differentiate it in a meticulous way from all of those other services or products making to fulfill the similar demand. These variations may be rational, tangible or efficient, product performance linked to the brand. Also they might be emotional, symbolic or impalpable represent what linked to the brand.

Branding may be the important and valuable asset of each firm. Significant intangible and tangible elements of a brand the following.

Brand image

Brand position

Brand effectiveness

Brand image serves as a a sole collection of businesses contained by targeted customer minds. It denotes the present status of brand. It is the overall intuition in customers head and shaped from all causes. Customers developed different alliances with a specific brand. Helping on these alliances buyers formed image.

The description of positioning means possessing a profitable and credible position in to the customer’s mind, by assuming a posture comparative to the opposition or change the positioning of opposition.

Brand offers to firm legal safety for same features or characteristics of a particular product. Brand may be the transmission of a denied quality level, if the customer is satisfied then easily picks it again. Brand creating variations to similar product.

Brand loyalty in only brand collateral (‘Daryl Travis, Emotional Branding’). It provides unavoidability and demand safeguarded for the business and produces obstacles to entry that create it hard for competitive companies to come into the marketplace. Continue page-313

SriLankan A320 at Mumbai

Airlines fit out their aeroplanes with a distinctive colour design and logo design, modified to make a positive and strong manufacturer image, which clients can willingly recall. To evaluation the power of any airline selected logo design, colours appear heavenward the subsequently period a aircraft files overhead. (Airlines Brand Photo, Christine Hucko, May-6-2007).

Every company or sector having their own makes. It is the way to identify the clients to a market or organization. Sri Lankan airlines company logo known as peacock, it differentiate to rivals. It is the worldwide recognized brand.

Sri Lankan airlines comes after all of the essentials and fundamentals applying to maintain its own brand equity and high quality services to its clients with lower prices. The “front line personnel from chalet to floor crew will sport a manufacturer warmer smile and brand-new glance.” Srilankan airlines becomes the very first airline company to aid a international brand to identify by endorsing its Katunayake town and shire liveried aircraft at Bandaranaike AIRPORT TERMINAL airport.

The make of srilankan airlines generate it right into a dramatic ocular on the airstrip which can’t be mistreated anywhere in the Srilanka and other abroad.

Good quality services and better commitment to raise the customer contentment produces Sri Lankan airlines is among the pinnacle manufacturer in the Asia, and also escalating and preparatory its new services for old buyers and as well as new travellers and customers to the prevailing and new destinations that may will help the airlines in manufacturer attentiveness and in endorsing the manufacturer to higher levels. Total-547


In both personal life and professional existence, generally humans forming a group based on expertise and affinities. The majority of humans belong to e-business world systems that shaped organically. Not startlingly, these systems speedily migrated to web based world.

‘Social networking comprises of a limited sets or set of the relation

and actors or relations describes on them. The presence of relational in sequence is definitely a significant and defining top quality of a interpersonal network’.

Social network analysis: strategies and applications, By Stanley Wasserman, Kartherine Faust

Social, in feeling that social relies on people who are forming an organization and the group associates act together in several way. Although number of individuals act together easily touch with their friends or personal entertainment, but we are thinking about how social networking techniques apply to Srilankan airline business dealings and communications that display the way to results.

In today’s e-business world social networking had very popular. Once it is a niche actions for youngsters. Now an incredible number of users using internet and they were absorbing by social media. Different ethnic history and people all age ranges, races interrelate on networks. General persons log their profiles, on the web chatting with his close friends, and upload latest pictures.

Web sites were generally used to on the net social networking. These WebPages are named social sites. Many online communities of net users posting common hobbies, politics or faith. Once gain access to granted a person to social networking webpage, learn to socialize. Socialization may contain reading the profile user pages. Most popular social networking web sites are face e book, MySpace, Twitter and Orkut. These websites users talk about their ideas and images and videos tell their friends.

The basic idea of social networking explains how to build human connections with other folks. Social networks are different types. Merely we will classify systems by its dynamics of the sets of actors and possessions of the ties between them. The sort of a network as amount of pieces of bodies on which methods on structural variables.

(Stanley Wasserman and Katherine Faust (1994) Social network Analysis, Cambridge University Press)

Social networking websites will be providing practical way with low priced for customers to stay better connecting with the website members. These sites as well helping user to control and publish content easily. Face reserve, MySpace websites prolong to disseminate their services to be a focus for more people to register and continue to catch the attention of their existing users using these products and services additional.

Airlines know everywhere discussed them, yet airlines are doing tiny to defy their finishing of discussion. Remaining part of the travel world, though, is acceptance the internet and creating a multifaceted social network of meeting sites, sites, links and comment areas. Large travel business departments such as for example “Thomson (Electronics company), Cisco (‘Hi- tech supplier’)” and others have shaped domestic corporate communities for his street combatants.

But airlines are moving very slowly but surely into collective the social networking and they own limited themselves to immediate marketing to a specific group, these groups could be recognized by his memberships in ex – social networks as Twitter, Face publication.

Social networking for airlines, David Field, 18-06-08, www.

Srilankan Airlines possesses lacks of users, but every person knows only them meticulous contact network, certainly not everyone. Why because it is not maintain to social networking. Total-552


‘Mass customization is a strategy which makes assessment by some type of customer to company conversation at the assembly/ fabrication phase of procedure level to make customized commodities with monetary price tag and production cost related to those of mass shaped products’.

Journal of product advancement management, page168-185, 23(2)

Making of tailor made altered or personalized services or goods to meet the customer’s changing and varied necessities at close to mass manufacturing rates. Authorized by technologies like internet, computerization, lean manufacturing, and product modularization, this implies the ultimate final level in segmentation industry where each customer can have precisely what he or she wants.

Mass customization is progressive frontier for service industries and manufacturing industries running a business competition. It nucleus is normally a fabulous raise in prices.

Mass customization is a thought of management describes

Why product existence cycles are declining

Why improvement and development cycle times must follow

Why businesses are re-engineering their progressions

Why hierarchies will be transforming and flattening into networked institutions.

Mass customization combines all these right into a single cogent composition of administration that explains what’s going on today’s industries, whose marketplaces large or little, global or localized are pigeonholed considerably more by commotion than by constancy.

Mass Customization, STAN DAVIS, Harvard Business school press-1999

Mass Customization Types

Mass customization having 4 faces (Content from Harvard Business Analysis, Gilmore, James H., II; Pine, B. Joseph January-1-1997). Those are

Collaborative customization: Individual buyers discussing after, companies make an effort to establish the precise merchandise that will serve the purchaser’s needs and specifies & produces something that suits a particular consumer.

Adaptive customization: A harmonized item is formed, however the product has eminence of being constructible by the end user hands. For example NIKE boots and shoes alter the customer’s product themselves.


Transparent customization: Inimitable merchandise are provided for entity customers, devoid of producing them attentive that the goods are custom-made.

Cosmetic customization: A harmonized physical great is being distributed to diverse customers in inimitable ways.

Srilankan airlines masscutomization comes under lower price to supply services to prefer locations. Fares is lower it attract new passengers, cost competition engages an airline generally forfeiting investment in flights safety. Over time it triggers destroys and financial loss on airlines standing. Price competition only isn’t feasible long-term approach. Instead, airlines aggressive benefit lies in overhaul quality (Yeh and Chang, 2002). Superior service excellence brings about privileged passenger fulfillment, passenger demand are excessive, better branding, which in revolve causes upper earnings (‘Sim et al, 2006’).

In today’s day’s world monetary downturn, the majority airlines are aggressive very soon to survive. They happen to be compulsory to cut products and services and costs so far as possible. Airlines needs to cost cutting and help to make extra revenues while preserving passengers acuity of quality services. Service top quality in airlines is normally a composite mixture of indefinable (‘Mazanec, 1995’).

‘European Journal of Operational Exploration: Mass customization of airline solutions, Leon Yen, James J.h.Liou, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng, 10.1016/j.ejor.2009.11.019’.

Airlanka following cheap strategy and provide better services through the use of online promotions to give a great discounts make complex bookings through online and split into ‘travel out to Colombo’,’ travel in to Colombo’. Some special offers like Hot Seats, Holiday break offers, distinctive fares to certain places through on-line booking. These offers beneficial to existing customers as well as attracting to new customers by providing best fares with wonderful discounts to specific routes.



It is concluded that above facts had detailed theoretical review of E-business and its theories of Branding, SOCIAL MEDIA and Mass customization on Srilankan airlines website.

I believed that srilankan airlines website logo design symbol brand as peacock and its own colour are different to easily to distinguish from the competitors. It’s the worldwide recognized company. It maintained own company equity and top quality services to position as a 1st place in the Asian airlines industry. Leading line crew from chalet to ground crew will sport a brand warmer smile and different look. Good quality services and better determination to raise the customer contentment causes Sri Lankan airlines is one of the pinnacle brands in the Asia. Srilankan airlines end up being the 1st airline company to aid a international brand to recognize by marketing its Katunayake city and shire liveried aircraft at Bandaranaike AIRPORT TERMINAL.

Srilankan airlines not using social networking links to its internet site. If it is using twitter, face publication or some other social networking sites to get buyers motivated to travel, to obtain them discussing about srilankan airlines, why they are interested or why hate them. The majority of the airline operators are using face publication, twitter, flickr. By using social networking the site visitors are can search airline flight position and searching a airline flight by clicking the link and Share their views to their friends, relatives, profile site visitors.

Mass customization, reducing the purchase price to the determined flights to determined destinations and better provider provide to its buyers, compare its price tag is cheap to other service providers. In the web site it shows ‘BEST FARE GUARANTEE’. Supplies online promotions to give a great discount, holiday offers, scorching deals and special deals provide to attract extra customers.


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